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Guidelines for submission, review and publication of articles
Guidelines for sending manuscripts
  1. Materials for publication are accepted only by e-mail.
  2. Articles should be in line with one of the groups of scientific disciplines represented by the headings of the journal.
  3. The materials should fully conform to the formatting requirements.
Publication requirements

1. The recommended article size is 6-8 pages. The main text: Times New Roman, size 14 point font, single line spacing, all margins: 2.0 cm, paragraph indentation 1 cm, full justification.

2. The references should be made as follows: [1, pg. 238], where the first number is the number of the source in the references. If quoting IT IS REQUIRED to specify the page number. The bibliographical notes are issued in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5 2008: Times New Roman, size 12 point font, single line spacing; the sources are listed in the order of references in the text; references are mandatory.

The requirements of GOST R 7.0.5 2008 cm:

IT IS NECESSARY to provide the publishing house name in the description of the source; the total number of pages if the reference to the literature is used, or a reference to the page numbers in the published article that is placed in the collection.


3. Each article should include:

  • UDC identifier (for example: use the automatic decoding of index on the website);
  • translation of the article title into English, and the author's name;
  • annotation in Russian and English languages (No more than (!!!) 100 words; Times New Roman, size 12 point font, single line spacing);
  • keywords (5-8) in Russian and English languages (Times New Roman, size 12 point font, single line spacing).

4. The graduate studentsТ articles (a sole author is a graduate student) are accepted on a competitive basis (up to 5 articles in one issue) and published in the special section УYouth ViewsФ. The scope of an article is 4-5 pages. Information about the scientific supervisor should appear in a note at the bottom of the each page.

5. The Editorial Staff reserves the right to reduce and edit materials

Please place author credentials after the text of the article in your file. We cannot accept a separate file just for credentials.

First name, last name  
Name of the organization Ц place of employment, training (for graduate and postgraduate students)  
Structural subdivision, job title  
Science degree, academic status  
Information about the scientific supervisor (for graduate students): first name, last name, science degree, academic status, place of employment, job title  
Contact telephone number, e-mail  
Postal address  
Permission to post an electronic version of the article on the OSPU website and in the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU (please indicate if you agree or disagree Ц this is a mandatory condition of publication))  
Peer reviewing guidelines
  1. All papers submitted to the journal are to be peer-reviewed to ensure that scientific and empirical results are up to par and the contents of the papers meet the requirements of peer-reviewed publications of candidate and doctoral studies.
  2. Peer reviewers are selected among professionals in the field on the editorial board or other leading researchers who sign up to working for the editorial office as referees. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed material, which have publications on the same topic during last 3 years. All reviews must be kept in the publishing house and editorial office for 5 years.
  3. The editorial team reserves the right to assess submissions for adherence to the scope of the journal. Papers that fail the assessment are not sent out for peer review, while the authors are provided with valid reasons for rejection. The editorial team can also reject a paper before peer review if it is of poor scientific quality or if has been previously published elsewhere.
  4. A scoring system is used to make sure papers meet thresholds for:
    • subject relevance;
    • depth of analysis of the existing approaches to the problem under consideration;
    • novelty of proposed methods and approaches;
    • compliance of the paper content with current research trends in the chosen field;
    • validity of presented scientific and empirical results;
    • applicability of the suggested conclusions and results;
    • reference accuracy.
  5. In the final part of the review on the basis of the analysis of manuscripts should be given clear conclusions of the reviewer or the publication of the manuscript as presented, or the need of processing (processing) manuscripts on the reviewers comments. Re-viewed paper is re-sent to the author for review.
  6. In case of the negative assessment of the manuscript by a reviewer, it is sent to another reviewer. The final decision on rejection is made by the chief editor. The author gets a reasoned opinion.
  7. Editorial office must send copies of reviews or reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted materials and send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation upon written request.
Publishing guidelines
  1. The articles arranged into groups are forwarded to the Omsk State Pedagogical University publishing office.
  2. The articles in each journal section are arranged alphabetically according with the authors’ names.
  3. The final text modification of the articles and other materials are provided by the editors with the assistance of the chief editor and editorial board members.
  4. The PDF issues of the journal are sent to the authors via e-mail. The paper-based issues of the journal are sent by post to the provided addresses of the authors.
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