Omsk State Pedagogical University (OSPU) is not included in the number of large higher education institutions. About 9000 students study at OSPU at the moment, more than 400 teachers work at the University, including 284 candidates of science and 60 doctors of science. Such universities form a solid foundation of higher education system in modern Russia. The University consists of 12 schools and 42 departments. OSPU Doctoral degrees train specialists in 11 fields of studies and 28 specialties; also the University operates 5 dissertation councils in 10 specialties. During the University's existence, opened in 1932, the strong traditions have been established, including the tradition of the classical conception of the University: the principles of science should teach people who actually work in science.

The magazine edition of humanitarian scientific issues has summed up the best practices of scientific publications preparation. Since 1997 OSPU has been publishing two scientific yearbooks Humanitarian research and Humanitarian knowledge: continuity. During the past several years the electronic journal Newsletter of Omsk State Pedagogical University. Humanitarian research was issued. Finally, in 2013 the first issue of the magazine Newsletter of Omsk State Pedagogical University. Humanitarian research was released. The periodicity of publication is not less than 4 issues a year.

Journal columns: philosophy, literary studies, linguistics, history, pedagogics corresponds to established in OSPU scientific schools. Their effectiveness is confirmed not only by the scientific publications but also by the University dissertation councils in these scientific fields. Prospective historians, philologians, philosophers, scientists and educators have an opportunity to walk all the way from a first-year student to a doctor of science, not leaving the home University. The extensive scientific relations are supported with the leading scientific schools of Russia. These facts confirm a high qualification of the editorial board, consisting of the OSPU scientists.

Human relationships at the all levels of work are traditional for OSPU. The tradition of human relationships extends to the work with articles authors of our magazine. If an article does not meet the publication requirements, the editorial board sends out improvement recommendations to an author, and the cooperation continues. By now the list of authors, whose articles are published in our magazine, covers the whole of Russia and the CIS countries.

We invite the scientists to publication of scientific papers.